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My Skils

In past five years that I have been working in the field of IT, I have learned new skills and used them in various jobs. These skills in various fields and projects helped me to complete the projects successfully.

SEO and Digital Marketing

SEO and Digital marketing are my primary specialties. They have given me a lot of experience after years of training and work.


Programming is one of the things that fascinate me about software engineering, and this is an area where I have tried to be practical.

Web Design

Due to my interest in graphic design, the first skill I picked up in the field of web was web design.

Application Design

nteraction with users of various backgrounds is an integral part of working in the IT field. One of these platforms is the mobile, where I have practiced and repeated the design of the mobile application and user interface to a great extent.

Video Editing

Editing promotional videos and short clips is one of the skills I find very appealing and enjoyable.

About Me

This is a brief overview of me. You can read my full resume via the download link.

Mehran babaei

About Mehran Babaei

My name is Mehran Babaei, and I was born in 1999. Currently, I am a professional SEO specialist, digital marketer, and web designer. My interest in IT was sparked in 2015 when I was 16 years old, and I began studying it. I entered the job market at the age of 18, and I started working as a professional when I turned 20.


Mehran babaei





Mehran Babaei

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General information about my skills

As a result of my experience in various fields, I have acquired many skills through training and self-study. My approach to some of them has been advanced; others are intermediate.

SEO and marketing


Web designing


Graphic design


Video Editing


Front-end web development


Backend web development


My Portfolio & Clients

This list contains a few examples of companies that I have worked with on a contract or project basis over the last few years.






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Latest Posts

In early 2022, I decided to publish my experiences about SEO, Digital Marketing, Customer Engagement in specialized texts for those interested in these fields.

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